How Would Your Life Change If Your Dream or Goal Manifested?

“How would your life change if your dream or goal manifested? ”   While answering this question may in one way may be like taking the advice of “be careful for what you ask for”  it is in fact a very powerful way to manifest an intention.

When we state an intention in the “what I want is…” tense or perhaps as “What I intend is…”  – we create a bit of distance between ourselves and the outcome we desire.  We can’t feel it in our physical body.   Our nervous system feels the ‘wanting’ but not the real time state of being.  If we can imagine how are life would be tomorrow morning once our intentions manifested feeling the feelings and imagining how our day would change, our energy system tunes into that vibration.  It then attracts that very vibration from our corner of the world wide hologram appearing as a sequence of synchronistic events, people and opportunities.

Find your scary monsters…When we anticipate our goals and dreams working out for us and in our mind role play or reherse them,  we become that state of being and magically attract it or something similar. It helps if we are clear of the unconcsious patterns that may sabotage our desire.    So to get that out in the open a helpful exercise is to name what we feel may happen that is negative if our dreams and goals manifested.   It’s like checking under the bed for scary monsters.   By repatterning those fears we help to eliminate any blocks to the positive state of being we are invoking .

Try it out… If you have a special goal like those of you joining me on the journey through the chakras in the Mastering MY Present Moment Project next week, think about your big project or goal and imagine your state of being when it has manifested – Some big goal or project  examples of this may include:

– finding a new relationship, improving or ending an existing one,
– building a dream home,
– getting your business on track
– achieving good health
– special projects like  writing a book, producing a CD, developing a course, starting a new business, sewing a quilt :)
-aligning your life with  your true purpose and strength of spirit

What would change or be different in your life  tomorrow if your intention manifested? What is the predominant feeling it invokes – energy, joy,  inner freedom, expansion, restored faith, happiness, enthusiasm, or fulfillment?   How would your relationship change with those you are closest to? How would things change at work?   What would you do differently?

How would your life change?  Imagine an entire 24 hour period where your goal or intention is now a real part of your life.  How would that day look, feel or change your life? What would surprise you the most?

Comments welcomed!

With light and love