3 Good Things That Happened for Me Today

 Focus for the Week – “I appreciate 3 good things that happened for me today.”

There is a lot written about the benefits of having an attitude of gratitude, but perhaps one of the most amazing facts is how it can be used to tame the tiger within called anxiety or fear. When we spend as little as 3 minutes appreciating ourselves, our loved ones, the people we work with, the day, the weather, our neighbor, a home cooked meal or a restaurant treat, our vehicle, mother nature and anything else you can think of …. amazing things start happening in our brain.  A chemical is released which anchors and expands our feelings of gratitude and squeezes out or cancels fear and anxiety. 



 The more we practice verbalizing and thinking about how grateful we are, we become more calm and relaxed,  handling challenges with ease.  If life challenges seem really overwhelming and that there is little to be grateful for, start with the smallest thing – the weather, your home, your pet etc.In the beginning, our fear and anxiety button may feel more real and easier to engage than being grateful.  Saying gratitude statements may feel less than genuine.


However, I encourage you to hang in and keep flinging gratitude statements whenever you can.  Soon your outward experience will come zooming home with positive results. For example, I noticed that when driving, if I forgive those road ragers or overly aggressive drivers and focus on the great roads, the clear map directions, the gift of Map Quest, how wonderful the city is for maintaining the roads etc. my actual driving experience returns some delightful surprises – very convenient parking spaces, the traffic cop waving me through a construction area unexpectedly, drivers being courteous and traffic flowing better than usual. 


Keep your attitude of gratitude sharp. Quick name 3 good things that have happened for you today:


You may find this easier to do than you think as you have been repatterned with the mini repatterning called ENERGIZE!

What 3 good things have happened for you today?  Let’s build a hologram for appreciation by starting a list and sharing our good things in a reply to this post..  We’ll give each other encouragement and ideas along the way.


Here are my 3 Good Things


– I re-installed SKPE after not having it for nearly 2 years and SKPYE actually saved all of my old settings, and addresses so that I did not need to start from scratch


– It is the wettest summer on record in Toronto, and a little on the cool side.  I so appreciate cooler sunny summer weather! and am really enjoying the summer.  I appreciate how there have been fewer smog alert days, and how green the trees are this year and that they are staying greener – longer.


I appreciate the woman in the quilt store – who helped me find the perfect colors for the quilted table runner project I am tackling.  Her practiced eye for colors and depth, knew to choose something I had not considered and will now make a wonderful contract picking up some of the more subtle colors. 


How about you?  What 3 good things that have happened for you today?



By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.


  1. 1. I appreciate I started my E-Pro Course today, which I have been putting for a few weeks.
    2. I appreciate my husband for always being there for my growth and staying postive.
    3. I appreciate I can help my friend with her music disc she is making for children, since she has been putting it off due to bad health problems. I appreciate I am able to contribute to her success.

  2. I appreciate you having this blog for me to express myself.
    I also appreciate all the time and work you put into helping people.
    I also appreciate your 3 Three things today.
    Thank you

  3. I am greateful I can share in my childrens and grandchildrens life.
    I appreciate that I have faith in the almighty to help and care for all of us.
    I am greateful for the food I enjoyed today along with my husband.

  4. I got to see Dwight Yoakam in Snowmass, Colorado. I expected to be delighted and thrilled, because he impresses me more than any musician, but I experienced a seering shift that I’ve never known before, and I’ve been to a lot of concerts in my life. It was so substantial, that I realized I couldn’t repeat it anywhere–and here I’m doing that.

    I saw two nuns, and felt a rush because I grew up Catholic, even though I’m spiritually all over the board. They were so wonderful and from the same order and place where my Grandma stayed. This is just one of many signs lately that my Grandma Rose is working in my life. Then I saw one of the blogs on this site from Rose.

    People this weekend in Snowmass have been so kind and reciprocating and full of spirit. It has helped me feel like I’m part of life again, even though I’m alone. Very wonderful to see so many people filled with the desire to share and enjoy life.

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