How is it possible to get a seat with a view? Suggestions welcomed!

This quest has been bothering me for months.  Using mirrors in the strangest places in my office, I still can’t figure out the placement needed to get a view.  I am not sure I am googling the right things to find the answer and so I am turning to you – anyone who might be able to help.    

Here is the problem.  My computer screen is against a wall and when looking at it (all day long!) a window is behind me.  The view I want to capture from the window of my 14th floor apartment is a lovely view of the downtown Toronto skyline and Lake Ontario. This can be seen by looking out of the window and sideways to the right  The computer needs to be on this inner wall because Bell Canada says so for my internet connection (something about only 3 feet of wire  allowed) and a wireless set up is still in the future for me.

It occurs to me that there must be a way to structure mirrors so that I can have a seat with view while looking at my computer.  Any suggestions?

Here is the floor plan outlining the dilemma

Thanks to all


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