Healing The Family Tree Scrapbooking Series



This project has been on my mind for a long time – creating a healing family tree with concepts from Scrapebooking.   This healing modality will be used in the upcoming Ancestral Echoes series but whether you are joining the series or not… you may wish to do this exercise.    Here is the original post with more details


This week – just gather up your materials for the project (in post linked above)

We’ll be creating 3 sheets for our Family Tree book – either 3 loose pages to frame as you wish or 3 pages in an altered book (a scrapbooking idea).  The 3 topic areas are money, health and relationships.  Our goal is to create a better energy with our ancestors to support coherent patterns in the present.

This will be healing and fun at the same time.  Hope you will join me.

With love and light,