Do you resonate with being in real time?

The digital age has put a mobile internet device in virtually everyone’s hands making all communication instantaneous. This has changed our notion of time on many levels and can cause congestion in our use of time if we are not aware of what is going on. People who are successful and thrive in this real time environment are congruent inside and out, authentic, and transparent. They are able to respond in the moment without rehearsals, hesitation or regret.  They are comfortable with how they appear or look to others when they do respond in real time.

If we are clinging to non-coherent patterns of responding to life using time as an excuse for what we did or did not do, or said or did not say… we are not in real time and time becomes our enemy. We may feel exhausted, anxious or frustrated as a result.

The challenge is to be ourselves in real time and not put off what can be done in the present moment.

Our last repatterning in the Time on MY Side series is aimed at moving our responses into real time and resonate with having positive outcomes as a result.  What we resonate with is what we tend to experience.  Hopefully your ability to respond in the moment  at places like Twitter and Google Plus will benefit as will your text messages,  the holiday invitations, your to do list….etc.

Would you like more resonance with being in real time?  Join my December 8th repatterning session (online event) for Time on MY Side.    Or join the Sampler series for December including tonight’s session for Money Happens Dec 6th, and Health and Fitness Repatterning Dec 14th.

With light and love


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