Nun Karma Repatterning – December 30th Break Free for Prosperity in 2012

Some of you know that I am one 6 contributors to the NunKarma Repatterning developed a couple of years ago.   The repatterning I am happy to say has been well received by many of my colleagues in the Repatterning community.    Admittedly it is not for everyone.   However, if you do have a belief in past lives and feel stuck in certain ways that mirror the vows taken by nuns (or monks) in a past life (poverty, chastity and obedience) you may find this repatterning brings a new perspective to clearing patterns.

I am not big on relieving past lives or fingering individuals for our unresolved karma.  To me there is enough to deal with in this lifetime.   That said, I acknowledge that the basic idea of energy work implies we have a vibration that transcends our physical body, time and space.  That energy field can be affected positively or negatively by the vibrations we are closely connected with in this life time or those that came before and yes those coming ahead.  ( I know very Star Wars like!) – it’s just my theory.   It can be affected by the music we listen to, the people we are connected with or the frequencies bouncing off planet earth from other planets.  The great thing about doing resonance repatterning is that the system taps into our inner wisdom and tends to quickly zero in on that part of our energy field that is ready to shift.  It may be planetary frequencies, family patterns or a past life frequency as well – out of the billions of bits of information held in our field we can zoom in to clear the next pattern we are ready to change.

The Nun Karma repatterning was written for everyone to use whether you have Resonance Repatterning training or not.   If you are trained  in the muscle checking protocol you may use that as we do in resonance repatterning otherwise you just use what we’ve labelled as a ‘felt sense’ of what the answers are to the various pattern identifying questions asked in the process.  If you would like to learn to do the Nun Karma repatterning on your own or just be part of a group experience, I invite you to a free session I am offering on December 30th.

The topic is “Breaking Free for Financial Prosperity in 2012”.   We won’t be focusing on any particular past life for the group, but you will have a chance to determine what it may be for you.   Mostly we’ll focus on the related patterns that block financial prosperity for 2012.

I am also using this event to try out a new technology where we can see each other face to face and I can share documents (like the Nun Karma Repatterning).   Recording the event is also possible and I will be giving it a try.  If this is something you would like to experience you are warmly welcomed to join us.

We’ll be using the video conferencing facility at   – so only your computer and internet is required to attend.  Here is the conference link (will only work the day of the event at 4:00PM Est)

To Receive your invitation and sign-in details please register here:    (and yes another copy of the Nun Karma will also be sent to you as well)

Hope you will join us!

With Love and light

Carolyn Winter

PS – If you would rather have a personal session I am accepting appointments for next week.  Register for your personal consultation at:

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