Are you in synch with the wood element energy of spring? Take the self-quizz.

We are now well into the energy cycle of spring – wood element energy.  Things like self-esteem, timing, decision making, vision, goals, rebirth etc are activated.  Take the sample survey of wood element energy coherent  qualities posted below.  A higher number of check marks (yes votes)   leaves you in synch with spring.  If you can only check 1 or 2 positive statements you could be a bit irritable and in need of repatterning!

Activate your wood element energy and retro-intend at the Spring Equinox Repatterning session.  We did this session a few weeks ago but the hologram is still listening.  Perhaps your issue was anticipated and waiting for your late submission.  Here is the link:

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THE WOOD ELEMENT QUIZ – how many statements below are true for you? 

  • New beginnings come easily to me.
  • I have a positive overall vision for my life.
  • I know where I am going, what I want to do and achieve and I go into action for what I want.
  • I am organized, practical and motivated.
  • I am growing towards my highest potential
  • I accept my uniqueness.
  • I am hopeful about ________________ (name one thing)
  • I give my priorities my focused attention.
  • I am uniquely and creatively myself.

Scoring: If most statements are true your wood element energy is balanced and supporting your life.  If less than 5 statements are true,  your wood element energy needs some attention.

With love and light



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