Attract the Love Of Your Life… Seminar With Magui Block Begins Nov 7th 2016

November 7,9 14, 16 + January 11, and 23rd 2017 practice Sessions with Carolyn
Tuesdays and Thursdays at Noon Eastern – 3:30pm

Pre-Requisites:This seminar is open to everyone. No previous Repatterning classes are required. We will demonstrate 4 different ways to use muscle checking for the process.

Those of you who have had regular sessions with me, (Holographic Coaching), will no doubt remember the sessions featuring repatternings from the Healing the Family System work.   They are powerful sessions  with repatternings developed by Magui Block and based on the work of Bert Hellinger’s Family Constellations.    Magui is a talented former teacher of resonance repatterning, Gestalt therapist and author who has gone on to develop a degree program through the University of Mexico… so far this is primarily in Spanish.

However, she one of her latest seminars Attract the Love of Your Life or Deepen the One You Have  is offered in English and I am happy to say in the ONLINE Classroom at, where I am also the online coordinator.    Magui has designed this course so that all disciplines or interested individuals may enroll.  The pre-seminar online media includes instructional videos on 4 ways to muscle check and some of the in-depth healing exercises she has developed.
The 5 half day classes classes and practice session are offered in a video conferencing format, using the now popular  The class audios are recorded for 90 day access and the seminar includes the demonstration of 21 Transformation (Repatterning) topics.

The Seminar: Attract the Love of Your Life or Deepen the One You Have will provide you with skills to repattern yourself and your personal circumstances  or use it in your professional practice.  Attend and you will discover 21 different steps that:

  • Prepare you for love
  • Open your heart and create the space for love
  • Help you let go of past hurts from old relationships
  • Guide you in choosing your ideal partner
  • Liberate you from toxic relationships
  • Build up your vision for a fulfilling relationship
  • Achieve the intimacy and connection you desire

Each step of the program is a transformation based on the unique method of identifying the negative beliefs that block you and shifting to the positive beliefs you need to Attract the Love of Your Life, improve the one you have or manifest anything that you want now.

Join me in the online classroom this November, and learn to transform yourself and others for attracting the love you most desire.

Click here for more information or to register.




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