Nun Karma Release Repatterning ReLocated!


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Not exactly relocated more like – now all in one place.  Many of you are familiar with a popular repatterning Nun Karma Release Repatterning developed a number of years age by a team of colleagues including me.   Today I re-launched Nun Karma as a webinar at my new webinar website.  Besides the free downloads, there is are also 2 videos to teach you how to do the repatterning if you are not a resonance repatterning practitioner.  Additionally it includes a video recording of a session addressing Prosperity issues for healing arts practitioners.   Use this material as often as you like. I will add to the course as new material is developed (videos or sessions).

The Nun Karma Repatterning is one that all of my colleagues enjoy doing even if you don;t believe in past lives.  The statements for evolution on their own can provide you with an uplifting session to support your career, goal, relationship or life’s purpose.  Many have experienced a new sense of inner order and calm with this repatterning as well as a new ability to do things differently than before. Of course! Amazing what you can do when you are now clear of those past life grips on your life.

I still giggle thinking of my own favorite personal example.  In a group session with other healers the positive statement for prosperity was “I know how to communicate my high value to others. People pay me money beyond what I ask for”    The next day, a new client called to make an appointment, he asked the fee and I said $225.0  He clarified what he had heard and said “OK $375.00” .  I corrected him 2 more times but he never heard $225.00.  When he paid me I had to compromise and accept $300 for the session with the compliment that it was more than worth it.

If you lost your copy or have just heard of it, be sure to check out my new Nun Karma For Healers webinar and clear out your old patterns around out-dated vows for poverty,obedience and more.

With love and light





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