Aligned for Mercury Retrograde December 19th 2016

amrbannerThose of you who follow the astrological trail of Mercury retrograde have these times mapped out on your calendar and plan accordingly.  This is the fourth and last time this year that the Trickster planet does it’s dance arriving during the busy holiday season.  Julie Simmons will have more to say about that in the days to come in the meantime, there are some things you can do with your social calendar to beat the blues that are possible.  Book your travel plans now!  If you are flying somewhere get things double checked.  Get things done early and allow yourself space before and after travel to accommodate delays.  Also good to get that shopping done early to accomplish your list.  On the other hand, if you can be flexible about it, look forward to the Mercury retrograde period to take advantage of the surprise sales possible.

Astrologer Julie Simmons and I first started repatterning for Mercury retrograde alignments in 2004.  Back then i noticed how many people were more than frustrated with this energy but in many cases fearful.  Repatterning to be aligned with Mercury Retrograde is helpful because you are then coherent for all of the positive aspects of this natural flow of energy, organically more inclined to flow around the obstacles and be relaxed.  This holiday season you may need this alignment more than ever.   Join  us for the repatterning.  Julie and I broadcast the healing session live and make the recording available afterwards.   Participants send us their issues and intentions to be included anonymously.   Register at the Store


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