Make a list, check it twice because Mercury Retrograde is naughty and nice

Yes, it’s true – the planetary influences of a Mercury retrograde begins officially on December 19th 2016. We’ll feel the slow-down in energy rolling in and getting stronger every day during its shadow period starting approximately 2 weeks before. For the busy holiday season this means your source of irritations could increase around things like…

  • Disrupted travel plans – the tickets are not what you thought, weather interferes, line-ups, or you are just plain late arriving
  • Communications get muddled – you arrive far too late or early for social occasions, your holiday cards get lost in the mail or packages are delivered to the house next door. Family squabbles of a petty nature consume your time. The holiday muzac in elevators and malls starts to fray your nerves.
  • Christmas shopping during this period becomes more like traditional last minute shopping but worse, and is more of an Olympian challenge that other years. You may find that though you know what you are looking for it is not to be found.
  • Just when you have made friends with technology and got into to the groove of texting, tweeting, Instagraming or more, your devise acts up, you may get hacked, or you wind up sending that naughty gossip to the wrong party. Listen carefully and you will hear the trickster planet laughing heartily at your expense.

With all of these irritations, your holiday spirit turns sour.

However, consider yourself to have the ‘heads up’. The trickster planet as with life offers us a point of choice. We can choose to spiral down with the worst of Mercury retrograde energy or align with what is good and positive. By planning ahead you can make the most of this holiday season. Here are a few tips:

  • bannerfans_18447251Make travels plans early and check ALL details twice. Practice the optimistic art of reframing that which you cannot control. When disruptions occur entertain the thought that the universe is helping you to avoid an accident, or helping you to arrive in perfect timing given unknown events.
  • Allow more time for EVERYTHING and pace yourself.
  • Take more time than usual to practice understanding the other person first and then have them understand you (a steven covey rule); Let others know that you have heard what they have said.
  • Pre-empt online troubles and back up your computer or other devises, run your virus software, keep track of your usernames and passwords.
  • Practice NOT CLICKING SO FAST… do you have the correct person in the SEND line. Also remember that this is the season of malicious emails. They are getting slicker and slicker. Even if it looks like something you have bought or expected read the “To” and “From” line first. It will pay this month to be a little more suspicious.
  • Send holiday cards and notes well.. NOW. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and call the people you haven’t heard from.
  • While shopping with a list is always the way to go, Mercury retrograde can be great for unexpected finds, and big ticket items on sale. Be flexible, curious and spontaneous and you will find something better than expected.
  • Schedule time for yourself to collect your thoughts and rejuvenate.

Join Astrologer Julie Simmons and I for the Aligned for Mercury retrograde Repatterning session on December 19th or watch the video afterwards. In this event, I facilitate a Resonance Repatterning session around Mercury retrograde issues and intentions. Julie serves as a proxy for all participants holding the energy of all their issues and intentions. During the session she also shares her astrological insights about the patterns that emerge. Whether you attend in person or by proxy because you have other things to do, the session will help you feel calm, confident, and ready to make better Mercury retrograde choices during the holiday season. Join us for the alignment and register at my store. You will have the opportunity to send us your issues and intentions for Repatterning, attend the session live online or watch the video later and view a custom copy of the session notes.

When is Mercury retrograde? December 19th at 5:55am EDT to January 8th 2017 at 4:44am EDT

With love and light


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