Make Peace Personal In 2020 – January 12th session

Join me for a World Peace Hologram Session January 12th at 2:00pm Eastern. Make Peace Personal in 2020!

World Peace Hologram

Is world peace possible in our lifetime? Is it possible humanity could become 100% civilized exercising mutual respect for life, family, community and continually making the planet a better place to live? When the challenges to peace among humanity and destruction of the planet via climate change seem  over-whelming – what can any one of us do?

The answer (in my opinion) is to start a coherent wave of frequency to resonate around the world.  If you understand the holographic principle that whole is contained in all of the parts you will also understand that your own resonance positive or negative will make a difference on the energetic grid of humanity.  Our day to day lives are merely a reflection of the bigger image on the world stage.

This imaging can be captured in a few questions: Where are you not at peace in your life? What relationships have been…

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