Overcoming Patterns Set By Our Inner Infant

How are your negative infant patterns showing up?

The David Brooks interview on TVO got me reflection on how so many of our patterns are set in our psyche before the age of 3 years.   It is a vulnerable age and yet for parents one of the most stressful times as often they don’t have much money, they working long hours, working out new family constellations (your parents place or mine for Christmas!) etc.  There are no shortages of  anxieties and as is mostly the case in North America it is compounded with limited access to extended family support.

Why Our Inner Infant is in Charge – Our infant self  absorbs  and responds in ways to help avoid the pain of our needs not being met.  We do what is necessary to survive, hard-wiring non-coherent  patterns of energy that are difficult to access as adults.  We think we know better of course, because as adults we have free will, we are logical, intelligent, and rational and determined to avoid the mistakes of our parents.   The problem is that the patterns are virtually invisible.  But you know you have not succeeded despite your best efforts to release the infant  non-coherent patterns within if for example….

– you always have to be the strong one or conversely show yourself as small and weak
– have money but not much
– you are the worst at something or if you are the best you never own it
– you can’t succeed
-you find yourself criticizing and judging
– you are coping with addictions (likely to numb the pain)
– or other similar frustrating patterns

The challenge in releasing them is that buried within is a seemingly  hidden benefit  to have our original need met – to belong, be loved, taken care of, heard, valued, respected etc. However, since we don’t resonate with our needs being met even our non-coherent patterns won’t fill that need. We are unhappy especially when present time events flick the scab off of these old wounds.

A Loyalty Card You Don’t Need – What is difficult to understand is how thees patterns also link to an invisible loyalty to our family system.  On the surface this loyalty may appear to be to our primary care giver. But it may also be another family member or ancestor – someone we have never known, but whose energy is still in our system .  Our patterns are now linked to systemic loyalties and it is all unconscious.    It can be very very frustrating.

Permission Settings That Can Change Everything (a healing exercise)- If you feel this is happening for you, an unhappy pattern that keeps repeating in your life despite your best efforts to clear it, you might try this exercise invoking the energy of your ancestors.

Imagine your ancestors as a large group in a room and that collectively they see you carrying the burden of this pattern.  They also see that this pattern does not belong to you. One member speaks for them all and tells you that you have their permission to now let go of the pattern and that it makes them happy if you do so.  They would in fact be pleased to see you integrate your desired new pattern – your intentions for health, success, money , peace and calm etc.    Stay with this image for a few minutes and bring it to a close by thanking your ancestors with a bow of your head for reverence.

This is an exercise you may want to repeat frequently until you have integrated the new positive pattern.

Register For Ancestral Echoes

Ancestral Echoes – We’ll be exploring more of these kinds of patterns and clearing them in the Ancestral Echoes program that begins this week.   The 3 sessions will cover family patterns that are blocking our health, wealth and relationships.  In this series, I am also encouraging you to write out any family stories that come to mind to repattern for a better story ending.  if you would like to be supported in identifying and clearing these types of patterns I would love for you to join us.   You can begin entering your issues and intentions for repatterning within 10 minutes of registration. You know the hologram is listening!

With love and light,



By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.

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