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The next group sessions for AMR, WPH and other Topics as they arise etc

Wielding Wireless Brain Power – Free Repatterning Event December 31st 10:00am - According to Christopher J Anderson, “Our planet is growing a brain.” For a number of technology reasons and the accelerated rate of interconnection happening on the planet, Anderson concludes by suggesting … We can therefore be certain that a massive transformation is about to hit. We better get ready.”  We agree especially if you consider…
Webinar – The Moons of 2017 with Astrologer Julie Simmons - Astrologer Julie Simmons has taught this course from her living room, every year for decades.  Using your personal chart information she helps you figure out how the moon energy will show up in your chart throughout the following year.  There are only so many people that can show up in her living room.. so this…
Aligned for Mercury Retrograde December 19th 2016 - Those of you who follow the astrological trail of Mercury retrograde have these times mapped out on your calendar and plan accordingly.  This is the fourth and last time this year that the Trickster planet does it’s dance arriving during the busy holiday season.  Julie Simmons will have more to say about that in the…


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Winter - Winter is the season of Water Element Energy.   Scroll through my Pinterest board on anything WINTER to gain a sense of it’s energetic qualities: Deep, reflective, soothing, cleansing, reserves, containment, flowing, empowered, adaptable, calm, clear thought persevering and ambitious drive or high powered energy….  


What is Resonance Repatterning? A few things to know… - Originally Posted by Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach on August 31, 2010 in Resonance Repatterning   A quantum physics principle is that everything vibrates and every thing has the potential to shift the energy for something else. The question becomes what? What is the best thing to shift out of the pain I am experiencing? The limitations I am stuck in? The…
Fixes are Easier When You Understand Life as a Hologram - There was a time in my life when it felt life everyone else had the handbook for my life except me.  It was difficult to make positive changes and I was constantly stressed out.  My health of course suffered.  I tiptoed into the world of alternative healing to find answers and luckily someone asked (rather…
Energy Exchange – How Our Energy Interactions Create or Destroy Relationships - When we are aware of how are energy mixes and matches with the fields of others, and the patterns we carry that govern that exchange we can exponentially improve our relationships. Currently I am retaking the Energetics of Relationship course with Chloe Wordsworth and reminded about one of my favorite repatternings Energy Exchange repatterning.  The underlying…


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Make a list, check it twice because Mercury Retrograde is naughty and nice - Yes, it’s true – the planetary influences of a Mercury retrograde begins officially on December 19th 2016. We’ll feel the slow-down in energy rolling in and getting stronger every day during its shadow period starting approximately 2 weeks before. For the busy holiday season this means your source of irritations could increase around things like……


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Take your transformation to another level and make a difference on the grid of humanity. Join my colleagues and I at our World Peace Hologram blog where we volunteer free group sessions for global peace.  Repattern your personal issues as they are reflected throughout the world.

NOV 9th at 10:00am Est. – Repatterning the Morning After [Live Streaming Video] - Originally posted on World Peace Hologram:
Join us for this event November 9th at 10:00am or catch the recording afterwards.  To be included in the field of energy receiving the shift please complete the form.    Read Georgia’s background article “There’s Got to be a Morning After. 

Check for my next sessions at


The Chatty Black and White Garden Quilt - Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Fido network.
A Favorite Song Sheet.. - Can you remember the words to this popular Christmas carol?  Hopefully each block on the quilt will help you remember.  Every time I walk by it I break out into a block or two of the song.  It the most fun creative project ever and I feel energized looking at it. Energetically, I imagine that…



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