Nun Karma Dec 30th Repatterning Update

My thanks to all of you who joined (or tried to join in) the online session last December 30th.   The repatterning sessions are always interesting.

I know I promised with some confidence that we have a recording but  it is not to be.   With amusement I noticed that the ‘Invisibility’ pattern identified in the session played out in these notes.    We did in fact have a problem with sound while on line and then when we went to the telephone version, it seems the video recorded (allowing you to see the repatterning unfold) but the sound did not.  Well we did our best.  I am still figuring out this technology and welcome anyone with ideas or suggestions that could help get this going.

In the meantime  you may find the session notes helpful for integrating the session. Download them here:  DEC 30th session.

For those of you who participated in the session you will recall that you can fill in the sections for yourself that we skipped for the group session.  These sections do not lend themselves to a group session and are best done on your own. Take a few meditative minutes to be in tune with your past life experience and then answer the sections on Earlier Experience etc.

If you are drawn to this particular repatterning and feel there is something to clear for yourself that is eluding you,  please consider a personal session with a practitioner.

During the session I was asked if this one session would clear all prosperity issues for the year.  The answer is – possibly – but probably not.   A great deal has to do with the readiness of you system, and the levels of coherence achieved for awareness, personal action and relationships.   The onion theory of layers prevails.  If we have sufficient awareness coherence we move into personal coherence where we take different actions in our life and make better choices especially financially.  When there is enough awareness and personal coherence in our system,  we move into relationship coherence a type of energy that attracts the best from others we relate to – money owing is paid, opportunities are offered, a job from out of nowhere appears.   The answer is to start noticing how your money patterns are changing, and acknowledge yourself for each new action you take.  Soon you will be at the next onion layer of patterns to clear with new actions to integrate.    If you would like to focus on your money patterns in 2012 I have 2 great options to consider for repatterning support.

Money Happens 2012 – This year I am offering a monthly session for the whole year to address financial issues.   The sessions will build on each other with a range of topics that affect our  money issues.   For the best value of the year (because we are trying to save money!) join in January.   Visit the Holograms for Success section at the Light Travels – Store.

Mastering MY Present Moment Project –  This 15 session intensive allows  you to name one big project or goal (let’s say your money goal), and then brings your energy into the present moment by clearing energy in each of the 7 chakras.  Each chakra has 5-6 life themes where you may name the issues and intentions you would like to clear.  They may or may not seem to be related to your overall goal but by clearing them, you will be coming to a new place in the present moment that mysteriously energizes your goal.




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By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.

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