Niagara – Fort Erie excursion. Happy C Thanksgiving

If you could see clearly, how would your life change?

It is Canadian Thanksgiving holiday weekend here in Canada. Yesterday I celebrated the day with my mother and sister – Turkey Dinner at “Betty’s” restaurant in Chippewa a local favorite family restaurant for decades.  Afterwards, we went for an “Uncle Rick” style Sunday Drive from the small town of Chippewa to Port Colborne without a GPS.  My uncle Rick is known for taking family and friends on excursions with no map, no GPS and no idea where a road will lead but driven to drive to the end of it anyway – a wonderful sense of adventure.  The road to no where became the theme of our excursion as we searched for the beautiful drive along the Niagara Parkway towards Fort Erie and found it after a few dead ends.  As we drive along it,  I am silently grateful for the visionaries of an earlier time who felt it important to claim the park way area as public land for all to enjoy. Despite the turn in weather, ominous clouds and fall foliage well underway, it is still a beautiful drive. .

We drove the lanes less travelled to find the former summer havens of youth… Sherksten beach and the site of the theme park of Crystal Beach and went as far a my Aunt Elaine’s home town of Port Colborne.  Got lost a few times -there are so many dead end roads now, and found our way back to St. Catharines via St. Davids. – a round about way of saying we saw a great deal of Niagara. The drive in nature was just what I needed to manage the later excitement of the day… Hillary and Trump helping us all validate who we are and what we bring to this planet and our Toronto Blue Jays helping us to appreciate a home town win.   Here are some picture from my phone.

Heartfelt blessings to all.  It is truly a wonderful time to be alive on this planet and here in North America we have so much to be grateful for.


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By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

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