My Arboretum Quilt Finished and Photgraphed!

My appreciation to Jane Walker aka ( JaneWalkersCards ) for the great photograph The Arboretum Quilt is just another example of how the left-over fabric scraps of one quilt inspire the next. Inspired by a pattern I bought 7 years ago, and fabric accummulated around the same time, I am slowly making my way through my inventory of stashes and ideas. .

Are You Going After Your Inner Olympic Gold Medal?

The 2012 Summer Olympics in London  opens today and I am reflecting on why I get so dewy eyed at the opening ceremonies and the personal stories of the athletes.   I know I am not alone. It occurs to me that when we watch such a large scale global event of countries coming together…… Continue reading Are You Going After Your Inner Olympic Gold Medal?

Ancestral Echoes Update

Our next Ancestral Echoes series exploring the family patterns created by our ancestors begins June 19th for three  bi-weekly sessions.   This has been a great series over the past few years that takes the repatterning sessions to energy fields that overlap with ours – that of our family system.   Many of  our past participants…… Continue reading Ancestral Echoes Update