Nun Karma Repatterning Rewind

My thanks to all of you who signed up and endured all of the technical glitches for our Nun Karma Release repatterning last Friday November 1st.    Of course Mercury is retrograde and I of all people should know that it is not a great time to start a brand new endeavor in this case……… Continue reading Nun Karma Repatterning Rewind

Nun Karma Repatterning November 1st

Have you heard of Nun Karma Release Repatterning?  Developed by my colleague, Gail Glanville, and 5 other Repatterning practitioners including myself it is based on the work of a gifted healer/pyschic Dr. John Wyrick.  He says the most difficult patterns to clear are Karmic patterns linked to lifetimes where solemn vows were taken in an…… Continue reading Nun Karma Repatterning November 1st

Behind Family Walls….

What are the unresolved patterns in your family tree?  How deep are the walls that keep the patterns hidden and out of reach for healing?   In the “Healing the Family System” set of repatternings developed by Magui Block we explore the patterns rooted in our family ancestral energy.  These are patterns that can be…… Continue reading Behind Family Walls….

Did Your World End in 2012?…and other predictions from last year

The forecasts of doom and gloom for the Mayan Calendar running out in December 2012, may not have worked out as predicted, but your world may have never the less met some similar fate on your own terms.  I can’t say that anything truly ended catastrophically for me, but I was reminded of my Predictions Post earlier…… Continue reading Did Your World End in 2012?…and other predictions from last year

Transforming the ordinary into holiday cheer

The Niagara Chorus Flash Mob Hallelujah chorus on  remains one of my favorites for the holiday season- it makes my eyes dewy and tugs at my heart.  I have been contemplating why I like it so much, – perhaps because it’s a local effort near my home town of Fenwick ON and later St.…… Continue reading Transforming the ordinary into holiday cheer