Did Your World End in 2012?…and other predictions from last year

The forecasts of doom and gloom for the Mayan Calendar running out in December 2012, may not have worked out as predicted, but your world may have never the less met some similar fate on your own terms.  I can’t say that anything truly ended catastrophically for me, but I was reminded of my Predictions Post earlier…… Continue reading Did Your World End in 2012?…and other predictions from last year

The Revenge Pattern and Your Goals

The Revenge Pattern – you remember this pattern from childhood or at best as a popular plot line in a good murder mystery novel/tv show. Someone does something to you, you react and are angry and mad. The anger simmers on a low flame because there has been no closure or apology or making amends.…… Continue reading The Revenge Pattern and Your Goals

Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning

One thing everyone who has studied Resonance Repatterning loves about the system is the notion that any problem, limitation or pain can be shifted by merely changing the energy around it, and not only that BUT that we all have the innate ability to do it ourselves.  The trouble is that pesky ego state that takes decades…… Continue reading Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning

Do you resonate with having time?

 Never mind being in the present moment , that exalted state of spiritual awareness. Do you resonate with having time? Time is such an elusive entity. On the one hand the tic toc world of contracts and obligations tugs on our field of energy to direct it into space-time co-ordinates such as due dates, showing up for work…… Continue reading Do you resonate with having time?

The Energy of Sorting Out

We are approaching the final days of summer, the season related to the Fire Element of the Acupuncture system of energy.   The qualities of the Fire element while always present within us are accented when in this phase of the calendar year.  ‘Sorting Out’ is a key quality of the Fire Element also associated with the…… Continue reading The Energy of Sorting Out