The Energy of Sorting Out

We are approaching the final days of summer, the season related to the Fire Element of the Acupuncture system of energy.   The qualities of the Fire element while always present within us are accented when in this phase of the calendar year.  ‘Sorting Out’ is a key quality of the Fire Element also associated with the Small Intestine meridian.   If we are in-synch with this energetic quality, we take in what nourishes us from any event, situation or relationship etc. and let go of anything that does not.. Of course most of us don’t do this consciously – it’s just something that happens organically if we are in the present moment free of the baggage of the past and masters of our own universe.  

 If we cling to things that no longer serve us we may feel it as low energy, our energy being stuck or feeling stuck in our lives.  So it’s natural to let go of what stands in the way of maintaining our coherence for our life and goals. 

One of the best pieces of feng shui advice I received at one point had to do with my boxes of class notes from circa 1975 and onwards.  At the time, I had not looked into any of the boxes since leaving school and 20 plus years later still had the boxes! The feng shui consultant explained that keeping them in the basement cluttered up my unconscious mind – keeping the boxes there but hidden. By keeping them I was nurturing the unconscious thought that I am still a student, not complete with the courses, hadn’t integrated what I had learned etc.  It explained my feeling of things never feeling finished, that things needed just one more detail or that I was in someway in adequate in my knowledge base.  With this awareness I easily disposed of the many boxes of notes and felt clearer, more confident and more decisive in general as a result.

I think of garage sales as a great way to take advantage of the natural energy of sorting things out, or any opportunity to de-clutter, or let things go such as contributing to the community center jumbo sale, church bazaars etc.  On a grand scale the whole community is letting go of something and at the same time taking in stuff they buy from others who no longer need them but will enrich their lives.  One person’s clutter is another person’s gold.  The pulse of the community then supports us as well.  Right now (August 20-Sep12) an additional bonus exists for doing these tasks – with the supportive energy of Mercury retrograde (yes…that’s right Mercury retrograde CAN be supportive!) which also energetically smiles on and supports de-cluttering efforts.

When our ‘sorting out’ quality is in balance it is reflected in language with is coherent and strengthening, our thoughts are rich and we can take in ideas and assimilate our own understanding and viewpoints.  We are able to find what is good in any relationship and resolve things that don’t work for us.  Our humor will be warm and loving.  In business we’ll have more energy to put into any situation and we’ll be more focused and clear.   

In the last few weeks of this summer season take advantage of the energies at hand and  be aware of your own patterns and abilities for  sorting things out.  What are you consciously letting go of and what things are you keeping?   Is there a relationship, situation or an event that you have not yet sorted out or reconciled for yourself? How much energy would you free up if you did?  What blocks your innate ability to sort things out?  Bring these patterns to your conscious awareness during the summer season to put energy into your Fire Element reservoir and to be able to draw on it all year round.

With light and love



By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.

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