Your Future Is Listening…

Last night(September 29th) I was facilitating the last session of 3 for Time on MY Side. This group proxy session addresses all issues and intentions to do with time.  Part way through the session I was intuitively directed to a book on my shelf I had not looked at in awhile “The Yoga of Time Travel – How…… Continue reading Your Future Is Listening…


Time on MY Side Reflections

How is your relationship with time? Here are 3 ways to look at it and discover your own patterns for time: Get more time on your side: (a little humor!) “SECONDS” by gifted documentary film maker Marco Slavnic: – a 2 minute video to be inspired about each second in your life. Reflection – What do you think…… Continue reading Time on MY Side Reflections

Real Time Rewards of the Present Moment Journey.

Last week I opened the hologram for the Time on MY Side series of 3 group proxy sessions with eager anticipation. Something always nifty happens for me personally when I get these holograms underway. Ever since my first offering of this topic back in 2008 I have noticed my own sense of timing and time shifting.…… Continue reading Real Time Rewards of the Present Moment Journey.

Improve Decision Making To Avoid Procrastination

If you believe that procrastination is one of your biggest time issues, you may want to look at the patterns or qualities of your decision-making  as the underlying  source.   When we are uncertain about a decision, big or small, we can stay in a place of avoidance to get around having to make what may turn out…… Continue reading Improve Decision Making To Avoid Procrastination

Do you resonate with having time?

 Never mind being in the present moment , that exalted state of spiritual awareness. Do you resonate with having time? Time is such an elusive entity. On the one hand the tic toc world of contracts and obligations tugs on our field of energy to direct it into space-time co-ordinates such as due dates, showing up for work…… Continue reading Do you resonate with having time?