Some thoughts on the “it’s all in your head” diagnosis

I was surprised to read about singer Joni Mitchel who according to a recent interview with the Toronto Star “…has struggled with Morgellons Syndrome, a parasitic infestation some doctors claim is delusional.  Sufferers have inexplicable painful skin lesions and a general weakening of the immune system.” What surprises me most is how the medical community…… Continue reading Some thoughts on the “it’s all in your head” diagnosis

3 Links to Expand Your Awareness of Healthy Food Choices

The other night I watched David Suzuki’s lastet story on Programmed to Be Fat and could not help but feel somewhat hopeless.  Watch this very compelling and informative CBC program and then ask yourself “What do I need to stop resonating with to maintain a healthy weight?” “PROGRAMMED TO BE FAT” on Nature Of Things…… Continue reading 3 Links to Expand Your Awareness of Healthy Food Choices

Can You Spot The Dirty Dozen?

Healthy food choices are getting seriously  more difficult to make.  We know the harm that pesticides can cause and yet  who knows what has been used in the production of food.  The Environmental Working Group however, helps consumers evaluate choices.  Every year they name the “Dirty Dozen” in terms of foods that retain pesticides and…… Continue reading Can You Spot The Dirty Dozen?

A Money Saving Conservation Attitude

Money Happens for us in  variety of ways not just in cash showing up unexpectedly through a lottery.  Frequently it is the little everyday decisions that make a difference to cash flow.   This article at my local paper reminded me of the options we having for not spending and yet having what we want.…… Continue reading A Money Saving Conservation Attitude

Your Future Is Listening…

Last night(September 29th) I was facilitating the last session of 3 for Time on MY Side. This group proxy session addresses all issues and intentions to do with time.  Part way through the session I was intuitively directed to a book on my shelf I had not looked at in awhile “The Yoga of Time Travel – How…… Continue reading Your Future Is Listening…

What Are You Thinking About Money?

When it comes to money does your mind focus on bright optimistic possibilities or repetitive negative thoughts?  Much of our thinking is driven by our beliefs, values and experiences and tends to become a habit.  It’s not hard to do as once we’ve practiced a recurring thought for 21 consecutive days or more it becomes…… Continue reading What Are You Thinking About Money?