Some thoughts on the “it’s all in your head” diagnosis

The winding road of recovery.  Let your higher self light the way
The winding road of recovery. Let your higher self light the way

I was surprised to read about singer Joni Mitchel who according to a recent interview with the Toronto Star “…has struggled with Morgellons Syndrome, a parasitic infestation some doctors claim is delusional.  Sufferers have inexplicable painful skin lesions and a general weakening of the immune system.” What surprises me most is how the medical community can label the disease as delusional when so many people unknown to each other apparently acquire the exact same physical symptoms. Luckily, Ms Mitchel has found a more non traditional medical treatment. There is an explanation for everything.

I have been there myself with hip issues at a time when it was totally uncool to consider alternative options for healing. Acquiring a set of health problems that doctors tell us can’t be diagnosed, has got to be one of the most frustrating of experiences. I have heard it from so many clients, who were either given a diagnosis they did not believe, told there was no cure, or much worse…told it’s all in their head.

Actually I am more inclined to favor the latter scenario, that it may all be in our head, because from a resonance repatterning point of view – it is! The thoughts we generate from our mind and resonate with is what we tend to experience in our outward reality. What is so great about that notion when faced with a serious health situation is that the controls to change the experience lie within ourselves. We can change a thought especially those thoughts that have become a pattern we resonate with and have now manifested. This simple switch in thinking can help anyone faced with bad news.

Repatterning aside, if our challenging circumstances are met with acceptance, patience, understanding and respect, other options may also appear if we don’t accept the “blame the victim” stand. Sometimes all that is needed is another point in the timeline of our life, where the solution is finally known due to advances in science. Integral thought leader Ken Wiber for example, cites this as the case, for a number of individuals who lived in a small isolated Colorado community with only one doctor. A number of people started coming down with a chronic mystery disease. The diagnosis from the big city doctors was essentially “there’s nothing wrong – it’s all in your head.” The small town doctor who knew the residents well, could not accept the diagnosis and treated his patients with the respect they deserved and did what he could. Twenty years later, the condition was officially accepted in the medical community and a solution was in the works.

My alternative healer at the time when my hip problems were most severe suggested, “okay, if you can’t move normally … just shuffle”.  He was actually right.  Shuffling (little baby steps) helped me to avoid pain, and reach a new plateau of recovery.  I shuffled until hip replacement surgery for me became a viable option for me.

i believe we have within us the inner wisdom to go to higher ground, to do what is right for ourselves to restore order and coherence to our mind-body-spirit system. Healing options from the medical model is no doubt a healthy part of that wisdom.

However, if science offers no choices, alternative healing methods can honor our higher wisdom, activate the ‘x-factor’ or unknown involved in our condition, and create movement towards wholeness in the moment based on what our higher wisdom knows is possible for us.  At that point our real challenge is to use commons sense and at the same time unhinge from the conventional wisdom of the medical community and trust our inner wisdom.  Out of the box solutions are then possbile.

With love and light


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By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

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