More ways to connect during the holiday season

During the holiday season it is traditional to visit with family especially those you have not seen in awhile. For many this tradition can be very stressful. Why is that? It may be that we’ve grown in different directions and we are not the family members we once were. Either we have changed or perhaps…… Continue reading More ways to connect during the holiday season

Tapping Into the Extraordinary of Self-Healing Methods

Reposted from: The Practitioner’s BookShelf | Learn Resonance Repatterning Online. On my book shelf this summer is one brand new book, ‘You are the Placebo’, a new edition of the former Repatterning Modalities book ‘Spiral Up! – 127 Energizing Options to be Your Best Right Now’, and one I bought on its release in 2010.  It has…… Continue reading Tapping Into the Extraordinary of Self-Healing Methods

Communication – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Our affirmation for this Fire Element quality is “I enjoy communicating in a direct and honest way” – a quality we enjoy if our Fire Element energy is coherent and balanced.   When we are out of tune in this area we may experience many miscommunications leading to misunderstandings or just an inability to express ourselves…… Continue reading Communication – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Joy – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Fire Element Affirmation: “I am joyful, playful and full of laughter and fun.”    When you think of a group do certain individuals spring to mind that always set the tone for a good time together.  Chances are they attend gatherings with a joyful attitude no matter what challenges they are personally facing.  They find joy…… Continue reading Joy – Nature’s Gift of Summer