Life Cycle Repatterning – what are you avoiding?

One of the most alluring aspects of Resonance or Holographic Repatterning is how our current experiences are mapped back to energy patterns of either the chakra or 5 element/meridian systems for information that has eluded our conscious awareness but vibrates in our energy field just the same attracting what we don’t want in our life – more…… Continue reading Life Cycle Repatterning – what are you avoiding?

Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning

One thing everyone who has studied Resonance Repatterning loves about the system is the notion that any problem, limitation or pain can be shifted by merely changing the energy around it, and not only that BUT that we all have the innate ability to do it ourselves.  The trouble is that pesky ego state that takes decades…… Continue reading Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning