Transforming the ordinary into holiday cheer

The Niagara Chorus Flash Mob Hallelujah chorus on  remains one of my favorites for the holiday season- it makes my eyes dewy and tugs at my heart.  I have been contemplating why I like it so much, – perhaps because it’s a local effort near my home town of Fenwick ON and later St. Catharines. Or that the setting of the mall, which I know could be any mall  in our branded universe, but with the faces of the people doing ordinary things in an ordinary mall, suddenly shifting awareness to extraordinary music  brings a small shock to the system.   Handel’s Messiah transcends religion and creates a sound frequency that reminds us of our connection, and that love brings joy.  To see the chorus enjoyed in ordinary circumstance by everyone is somehow uplifting.

So no surprise at my delight to discover that the architects of the mob video –The  Alphabet Photography company in Niagara Falls ON has a new holiday video, again creating holiday delight out of the ordinary.  They are a truly creative company!  Here it is – enjoy.

How are you transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary this holiday season?  Create a new pattern for   your self!


By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

Energy Healer & life coach, with unique online long distance applications providing tools to navigate your holographic universe. Currently partnering with Resonance Repatterning teacher Ardis Ozborn to bring the training seminars online in a live video conferencing format. My passion is quilting.

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