Winter is the season of Water Element Energy.   Scroll through my Pinterest board on anything WINTER to gain a sense of it’s energetic qualities: Deep, reflective, soothing, cleansing, reserves, containment, flowing, empowered, adaptable, calm, clear thought persevering and ambitious drive or high powered energy….  


Nun Karma Release Repatterning ReLocated!

Not exactly relocated more like – now all in one place.  Many of you are familiar with a popular repatterning Nun Karma Release Repatterning developed a number of years age by a team of colleagues including me.   Today I re-launched Nun Karma as a webinar at my new webinar website.  Besides the free downloads, there…


Biocentrism – Dr. Robert Lanza Interview on CBC Radio

A year or two ago, I found myself quite taken by an online article title “Where Does Our Consciousness Go When We DIe?”   The answer is… another planet according to Dr. Robert Lanza.   His theory and what looks like a new field of scientific inquiry, is called Biocentrism.  Lanza theorizes that the world…