Paris Tea Quilt

This collection started approximately 2010 when I found a beautiful black panel with four rows of tea cups – no two the same. I enjoyed the process of cutting the rows apart and designing the tea cloth in the middle. But one project leads to the next… What do you do with the leftovers?  …… Continue reading Paris Tea Quilt



Originally posted on Repatterning Journal:
We are one, and yet… How is it we do not know it? Where is the unity? Where is compassion? Where is understanding, acceptance and love? And most importantly of all, what are we without them? We reject each other We reject ourselves We reject our body parts, our thoughts,…

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Happy Canada Day! May You Happily Resonate CANADIAN!

I wrote this piece for the 150 year celebration of Canada in 2017. It is repubulished today with updated information and links.  We just keep evolving!   Happy Canada Day! Carolyn   Happy Canada Day! Whether you are Canadian or one of our good friends, may you resonate with all good qualities associated with our country.…… Continue reading Happy Canada Day! May You Happily Resonate CANADIAN!