A Quilt Project in Progress

Fall flowers on my balcony... more picture for the gallery as i get this project completd

UPDATE: – finished the leaves and stems Sent from my BlackBerry 10 smartphone on the Fido network. I found this quilt pattern for a wall hanging ages ago, and loved it from the first time I saw the pattern online.  It reminds me of the Baltimore Oriole birds of my childhood that appeared when the…… Continue reading A Quilt Project in Progress

Beginnings – Nature’s gift of spring

Spring offers us the opportunity to make a new beginning.  Anything new we start now is supported by nature’s energy of fresh starts.  Making solid plans and goals and having a sense of direction also adds energy to our efforts.  Spring is a wonderful time to pause and review your life vision, (as we did…… Continue reading Beginnings – Nature’s gift of spring

What makes you happy?

Sometimes we work away at our personal problems for so long, it becomes a way of being rather than living the new happier reality we are working towards.    I often remember the client who called in the middle of the afternoon, after months of sessions working at very serious life issues – she sounded…… Continue reading What makes you happy?