Potential – Nature’s gift of spring

can you see it all?

Inside of each new beginning of spring is the energy of our highest potential.   In a quantum world all options are theoretically equally probable.   The option that manifests is the one that has our attention – positive or negative.   While bad things may happen, there is no sense in giving it energy.  Staying with the…… Continue reading Potential – Nature’s gift of spring

Beginnings – Nature’s gift of spring

Spring offers us the opportunity to make a new beginning.  Anything new we start now is supported by nature’s energy of fresh starts.  Making solid plans and goals and having a sense of direction also adds energy to our efforts.  Spring is a wonderful time to pause and review your life vision, (as we did…… Continue reading Beginnings – Nature’s gift of spring

The Spring Equinox Round-Up

Round up your integration of the spring season energy cycle by visiting these posts and pages. Past posts describing wood element qualities of spring https://carolynwinter.org/archives/category/energize/spring-equinox The self quiz – are you resonating with these wood element qualities for spring? Are You In Synch With Spring? Take the quiz How is wood element energy nourishing your business? (from…… Continue reading The Spring Equinox Round-Up

Identity as a source of inner alignment to energize our day

Identity is the inner knowing that directs a seed to grow as a violet versus an oak.  When soaking in the resources of sun and water to grow to its full potential the violet takes what it needs.   Imagine nature’s catastrophe if the violet decided to take in the quantities needed by an oak tree?…… Continue reading Identity as a source of inner alignment to energize our day