How exercise jogs the brain –

Sometime ago I read John Ratey’s book called Spark: [amazon_link id=”0316113506″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain[/amazon_link] and was inspired by the advances in neuroscience linking exercise to improvements to just about anything in life.   The smallest movement can create an improvement but certainly regular exercise helps us to think better.  This Toronto start article provides a wonderful local success story based on Ratey’s work. I am encouraged to hear how local schools are creating initiatives to build regular exercise into the curriculum.

How exercise jogs the brain –

In his book Ratey discusses how specific problems can benefit from an exercise treatment.  For example (this is my own) if you are stuck on a problem like figuring out computer codes stop and take 5 minutes to briskly move.  Take the stairs up one flight or walk around the building.  This creates an anticipatory state for brain cells that will then refocus with more clarity when you return to the problem.   Very interesting!

I am going for a walk



By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

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