Are you hopeful about where your life is going?

DSCN0365It’s spring here in Toronto and the wood element qualities of this energy is all around us, – new beginnings, creativity, hope, positive self-assertion potential, identity and more.  This tulip pot reminded me of the qualities of hopefulness and positive self-assertion as the flowers bend towards the light no matter where they are placed.

If you are out of sync with the wood element energy of spring, it may manifest on the mental emotional level as a loss of hope for where life is going for you.    In the season of new beginnings, we can’t help but put things in a timeline line of the past and present. Perhaps there have been one too many past disappointments and our energy for moving forward has been zapped. We can feel resigned depressed or pessimistic.  In this case, the metal element exercise of naming your regrets can help kick start an improved energy cycle for you and move into the benefits of spring time energy.

An overall sense of optimism prevails when we have balanced wood element energy.  We feel hopeful about where our life is going, and we are willing to try again with renewed hope.  This is an outstanding time to review (or establish!) a life vision intention for yourself and list some short and long-term goals.  Feed your wood element and consequently your goals, with walks in nature (noticing the changes to your neighborhood, the new buds on trees and flowers emerging from the cold earth.

Feed your wood element energy by first reviewing your overall life vision intention ( subscribers have a page for this! Login Here / Or Register here)

If time, energy and money were not an obstacle what plans would you make for yourself for the remainder of this year?  Visualize the possibilities and get in touch with the quality of optimism within yourself.

dwarf morning glory seeds
dwarf morning glory seeds (Photo credit: normanack)

One last idea to grow wood element energy within yourself, – literally plant some seeds!   You don’t have to be a big time gardener to get into wood element.  Buy a packet of flower seeds (Morning Glories are my favorite) and get them started according to the directions.  You will find the daily act of watering your seeds, watching them sprout, grow, really grow and then blossom daily will invoke many wood element qualities – anticipation, potential, hope, optimism, focus, timing, new beginnings and vision.  For the cost of a simple packet of seeds, the energy return is priceless.  Use it to ponder with more optimism and hope about where your life is going.

With love and light

Carolyn Winter


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By Carolyn Winter, Holographic Coach

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