My car repatterning

      Yes I am a healer, at least that’s the current label I am working with and yes, for the most part I work with real people, with real problems that are looking for solutions off the beaten track.  I studied Resonance Repatterning developed by Chloe Wordsworth (when it was still called Holographic Repatterning)…… Continue reading My car repatterning

Once You Learn To Say No… Be Aware of the Void

In one of our Family Constellation Repatternings, called Giving and Taking Repatterning, an open ended question invites you to consider “Do you give more than you receive or receive more than you give?”   By far, in my practice the majority of people are professional “Givers” with an inability to say NO as a root cause.  …… Continue reading Once You Learn To Say No… Be Aware of the Void

Communication – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Our affirmation for this Fire Element quality is “I enjoy communicating in a direct and honest way” – a quality we enjoy if our Fire Element energy is coherent and balanced.   When we are out of tune in this area we may experience many miscommunications leading to misunderstandings or just an inability to express ourselves…… Continue reading Communication – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Joy – Nature’s Gift of Summer

Fire Element Affirmation: “I am joyful, playful and full of laughter and fun.”    When you think of a group do certain individuals spring to mind that always set the tone for a good time together.  Chances are they attend gatherings with a joyful attitude no matter what challenges they are personally facing.  They find joy…… Continue reading Joy – Nature’s Gift of Summer