Nun Karma Repatterning October 15th

I have announced another free event over at for Saturday October 15th at 4:15PM and invite all Light Travellers to join in.   All details are in my post at the Nun Karma site but here are some quick details We’ll be focusing on Resonating with a Renewed Purpose given the rapidly changing times. The…… Continue reading Nun Karma Repatterning October 15th

Do your family patterns pop up at work?

When you start shifting the patterns in your life, you will begin to notice the source of those patterns more often.  Sometimes they remained as part of an unresolved event or trauma where our needs were not met or perhaps in the present we’ve experienced something scary or upsetting that has contracted our energy field.   At…… Continue reading Do your family patterns pop up at work?

Feng Shui Construction Sha

My appreciation to all of you who have had to be flexible with my schedule during the last few weeks as construction is happening outside my window. Amazingly, things seem to be winding up on my side of the high rise building and new balconies will be completed in a week or two. The noisy…… Continue reading Feng Shui Construction Sha

Is the fashion trend of buying the latest trend over?

I recently read a very interesting Toronto Star article on the death of fashion trends: TheStar Von Hahn: Trends falter when faced with interactive technology.   Karen Von Hahn’s report gives me great hope as the death of fashion trends I think opens the door for more personal fulfilment in society.  There are many victims of…… Continue reading Is the fashion trend of buying the latest trend over?

Holographic Repatterning for Your Personal Hologram?

Soon you will be able to attend a family function, meeting or other gathering as a holographic image spun I guess from your cell phone apparatus!  Thanks to Andrew R who forwarded this link to me to an most interesting article for Canadian Business Week on Video Holograms. It makes me think that perhaps Chloe…… Continue reading Holographic Repatterning for Your Personal Hologram?

My car repatterning

Yes I am a healer, at least that’s the current label I am working with and yes, for the most part I work with real people, with real problems that are looking for solutions off the beaten track.  I studied Resonance Repatterning developed by Chloe Wordsworth (when it was still called Holographic Repatterning) and was always…… Continue reading My car repatterning