Taking the pulse of our Earth Element – Quiz

Technically you can take this quiz every time we move between the seasons as that is the association of Earth Element.  Our earth element energy is related to the stomach and spleen meridians from Chinese acupuncture.  It is energy that when balanced leaves us feeling nurtured within, safe, secure, and the ability to literally digest…… Continue reading Taking the pulse of our Earth Element – Quiz

My Summer Vacation

We are in Earth Element energy the inbetween spaces of the seasons and I find myself reflecting on the past few months.   Summer seems so fleeting when its over, intermittable when you are in the middle of a hot sticky heat wave.  However, in the transition space heading into autumn it is now easier to…… Continue reading My Summer Vacation

Feng Shui Construction Sha

My appreciation to all of you who have had to be flexible with my schedule during the last few weeks as construction is happening outside my window. Amazingly, things seem to be winding up on my side of the high rise building and new balconies will be completed in a week or two. The noisy…… Continue reading Feng Shui Construction Sha

Earth Element Energy Quiz

Are you aligned with natures cycles and transitions?  On the cusp of saying goodbye to spring’s wood element energy we enter the in-between season phase of earth element energy.  Here is the quiz to approximate how your energy is faring. [poll id=”01″] Enter any issues or intentions resulting from this poll in the Energize! Online Resonance…… Continue reading Earth Element Energy Quiz