What is your wish for the holiday season?

This is my annual long distance resonance repatterning session I offer to help everyone in my sphere enjoy the best of this annual season.   You are warmly invited to join in by completing the form.  In the past, participants have reported things like – custody arrangements working out amicably, parents behaving well, shopping deals,…… Continue reading What is your wish for the holiday season?

Protection – Nature’s Gift of Summer

On a summer’s walk in my neighborhood High Park Parents looking out for their young and protecting them from harm’s way is evident from mom’s with strollers to geese crossing the road with goslings.  We count on our need for protection to be  given lovingly by our parents.  When filled at our most vulnerable times…… Continue reading Protection – Nature’s Gift of Summer

The Revenge Pattern and Your Goals

The Revenge Pattern – you remember this pattern from childhood or at best as a popular plot line in a good murder mystery novel/tv show. Someone does something to you, you react and are angry and mad. The anger simmers on a low flame because there has been no closure or apology or making amends.…… Continue reading The Revenge Pattern and Your Goals

My 2012 Predictions…

You know you are getting older when instead of being the one reading New Year’s predictions you get obsessed with making them.    Either it’s all the repatterning work I have done (clearing up that brow chakra energy to “see” the future) or I am just getting older.  Regardless, during the last year or two,…… Continue reading My 2012 Predictions…