Winter is the season of Water Element Energy.   Scroll through my Pinterest board on anything WINTER to gain a sense of it’s energetic qualities: Deep, reflective, soothing, cleansing, reserves, containment, flowing, empowered, adaptable, calm, clear thought persevering and ambitious drive or high powered energy….  


Water Element Energy Quiz – Are you in flow?

Water Element Energize Quiz – we are in the season of winter associated with the water element of the Chinese energy system. When our water element is balanced our life literally feels in flow and we can feel its power . Alternatively, like water we can quiet our energy and peer deep within to find new…… Continue reading Water Element Energy Quiz – Are you in flow?

Clear Thought – A Winter Element Energy

Today at 6:38PM Eastern  is the winter solstice and I am looking forward to facilitating the session for this seasonal repatterning at that time.  We will be entering the energy cycle of water element associated with the winter season.  Among the qualities of this energy is CLEAR THOUGHT.  Imagine your thoughts are as clear as…… Continue reading Clear Thought – A Winter Element Energy