Are you in flow with summer’s Fire Element Energy? Take the quiz

  We are slightly more than half way through summer. Time to check in on our Fire Element Energy. Take the survey below to reflect on how you are aligned with natures cycles. Give yourself one point for every question you have answered YES     1.  Joy – I am happy within myself and…… Continue reading Are you in flow with summer’s Fire Element Energy? Take the quiz

Is the fashion trend of buying the latest trend over?

I recently read a very interesting Toronto Star article on the death of fashion trends: TheStar Von Hahn: Trends falter when faced with interactive technology.   Karen Von Hahn’s report gives me great hope as the death of fashion trends I think opens the door for more personal fulfilment in society.  There are many victims of…… Continue reading Is the fashion trend of buying the latest trend over?

The Energy of Sorting Out

We are approaching the final days of summer, the season related to the Fire Element of the Acupuncture system of energy.   The qualities of the Fire element while always present within us are accented when in this phase of the calendar year.  ‘Sorting Out’ is a key quality of the Fire Element also associated with the…… Continue reading The Energy of Sorting Out

Navigating social connection challenges

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=spiral&iid=290972″ src=”″ width=”320″ height=”480″ /]One problem often encountered on an active path of growth, transformation and self-realization is the challenge of staying connected with people who no longer share our point of view or values. Growth happens when we tackle our problems as if they were life lessons, expanding our awareness after…… Continue reading Navigating social connection challenges

Resonating with Social Relationships

When it is balanced, the summer season energy of Fire Element nurtures our social relationships creating a reservoir or capacitor of energy in the form of information shared, caring responses, shared activities and the social activities we initiate with others.  These could include phone calls to keep in touch, planned or spontaneous social activities or connecting via online social…… Continue reading Resonating with Social Relationships