Empowering Memories – Priceless Moments

One of the interesting Spiral Up options in the Resonance Repatterning system is an exercise called Empowering Memories.  In this exercise, you close your eyes and think of a time when you felt happy, empowered, successful etc  – what ever quality you need in the present.  The act of remembering and visualizing a past positive…… Continue reading Empowering Memories – Priceless Moments

It’s really autumn now!

Last night the time fell back an hour and while I woke up as always on this day, feeling elated with the bonus of one whole hour, at the end of the day I feel a little sad as the sun disappears so much sooner.  The days are getting shorter.   I am noticing the…… Continue reading It’s really autumn now!

Do You Resonate With Appreciation and Accomplishment?

Are you tapping into the metal element energy of the fall season?  Appreciation and accomplishment are qualities activated at this time of year. It’s  no coincidence that celebrations of Thanks Giving (both American and Canadian)  are scheduled in this time period.   Appreciation is a basic life need.  If our needs for being validated and appreciated were not met…… Continue reading Do You Resonate With Appreciation and Accomplishment?

Is your connection energy supporting your goal?

A typical reaction in situations where we feel let down is to cut ourselves off from the relationships involved. The cut-off can be dramatic, obvious and public (perhaps you are unfollowing or unfriending them?) or subtle and gradual over time where we just don’t connect as often. To react and then recover, especially having a conversation with the parties…… Continue reading Is your connection energy supporting your goal?