Outside My Window –

Outside my window the weather is gloomy.  All the promise of a white winter wonderland turned to freezing rain.  Everything looks brown or grey.  Daylight hours are getting shorter as we quickly approach the winter solstice with equal hours of day and night. We are in the transitional period of the energy cycle – Earth…… Continue reading Outside My Window –


When we can be inspired and inspire others, as well as experience meaning in every aspect of life, we are in the flow of metal element energy associated with the fall season. We may typically find inspiration when we are facing a problem and we need a solution. If our metal element energy is coherent, we…… Continue reading Inspiration

7 Steps for Using Online Repatterning Sessions Effectively

Wondering how this online group proxy repatterning program can possibly work for you?  I know it sounds too easy, to join a group you’ll never see (not likely), for a personal growth type of ‘session’ that you don’t actually show up for in person or by phone, and experience a change for the topic at…… Continue reading 7 Steps for Using Online Repatterning Sessions Effectively

Is your connection energy supporting your goal?

A typical reaction in situations where we feel let down is to cut ourselves off from the relationships involved. The cut-off can be dramatic, obvious and public (perhaps you are unfollowing or unfriending them?) or subtle and gradual over time where we just don’t connect as often. To react and then recover, especially having a conversation with the parties…… Continue reading Is your connection energy supporting your goal?

Improve Decision Making To Avoid Procrastination

If you believe that procrastination is one of your biggest time issues, you may want to look at the patterns or qualities of your decision-making  as the underlying  source.   When we are uncertain about a decision, big or small, we can stay in a place of avoidance to get around having to make what may turn out…… Continue reading Improve Decision Making To Avoid Procrastination

Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning

One thing everyone who has studied Resonance Repatterning loves about the system is the notion that any problem, limitation or pain can be shifted by merely changing the energy around it, and not only that BUT that we all have the innate ability to do it ourselves.  The trouble is that pesky ego state that takes decades…… Continue reading Do-It-Yourself M-MPMP mini repatterning